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Pujols’ crossroads complicate Cardinals’ title

…On opening day this season, Landon threw out the first pitch, and Pujols had caught it. Inside the bowels of Busch Stadium, Pujols talked about the 2011 season, the madness it would entail with his upcoming free agency and the Cardinals’ uncertainty and the marriage of the two. And he said something with the sort of confidence and conviction only someone with his pedigree can.

“We’re going to win.”

 Win, huh?

 “Trust me.”

 Out came the smirk, the same one that showed itself Friday night as Pujols paraded around having won not just something but everything. His six weeks of struggle at the beginning of the season, and the Cardinals’ near-collapse in the middle of it, and all of the other things that could have spoiled his feeling were behind him. Albert Pujols was again a champion, accomplished, satisfied and fulfilled, this chapter of his story finished, the next waiting to be written.

Last few paragraphs of a very well-written article. I really recommend this read, Cardinals fan or not. Giants fans will be able to appreciate that Jeff Passan writes this in a way similar to Andrew Baggarly, as I was reminded of Baggs’ A Band of Misfits when reading this.